I will always be there. Old friend. 

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"Was that pepper spray? PEPPER SPRAY? Clint why wasn’t I given pepper spray?"

"Coulson said you weren’t allowed to have any."

"So I have access to all the pointy and explosive weapons in the S.H.I.E.L.D. armoury… but I’m not allowed pepper spray?"

"Not since Sitwell caught you trying to spice up his lunch with a can of it. Fury said you were banned from touching the stuff again."

"Aw, man! Dad never lets me have any fun!"

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All Dates are Official. Movies from Doctor Strange onward are not. This is my speculation to what the upcoming slate of Marvel Studios films will entail, coming off the announcement of the new release dates!

Superhero movies are taking over the world!!!

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Blondes illuminate the dizzy world of men; confident and forthright and simply, oozing acumen. So sensually brazen, yet intuitively capable. Blondes are irresistible. But just beneath the garnish, is a mind that calculates and a passion for success and a taste for wealth that rates.

inspired by (x)

You are a - God
Your weapon - Shield
You work for - Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.
Best friend - Clint Barton
Lover-  Nick Fury (bow chicka wow wow!)
Saves you - Steve Rogers (oh boy)
Crushing on you - Natasha Romanoff (well look at that!)
Enemy - Steve Rodgers
Kills you - Natasha Romanoff (should have returned the advances right? :D)

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New photos from Avengers: Age of Ultron (x)

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As if anyone could really forget the most quoted line in “The Avengers” — “I’ve got red in my ledger; I’d like to wipe it out” — it helps to have that line fresh in your mind when deconstructing what Widow does in the final act of what’s billed as a Captain America movie. Black Widow doesn’t wipe out the red in her ledger. No, she blasts her ledger out to the world, like it was the grisliest email forward of all time. We know from her heart to heart with Hawkeye that the shame she feels about what she’s done is real, and she hesitates when she realizes that taking down the bad guys means revealing her secrets. But she does it anyway, because she’s not just a spy anymore; she’s a super hero, and she makes a super hero’s sacrifice. (x)
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it’s the 8th month

I cracked the code

October is the 10th month though

It was originally the 8th month but then Julius fucking Caesar decided to add in July and August after himself and his nephew Augustus

we should totally just stab caesar

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